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Pools are available both as in-ground and above-ground, all to be completed with entire system and accessories like liner, filtration system/ pumps, ladder, lights etc. 

Whilst above-ground pools can be used in gardens and schools as we have seen in the last few decades, our suppliers have also successfully built professional pools for water sports. Professional pools can be tailor-made according to specific needs and sports.  

Professional pools for:

  • Windsurfing
  • Wake-boarding 
  • Kayaking
  • Water polo
  • Fun parks

The pools are made by highly qualified craftsmen with materials especially designed for the company by the finest manufacturers. The skins are treated to protect against the damage of UV light, mildew and other fungi. The tubes which make up the metal structure are made from zinc coated steel. They are then shaped and finally varnished. All the metal pieces which are in contact with the water are made from stainless steel.

Certainly in-ground pools can be more complex than above-ground but we will keep it simple for you.  We will help you with the designs, construction and installation of high-standards pool.


  • Swimming pool design services
  • Luxury outdoor swimming pools
  • Indoor swimming pool dehumidification
  • Heat recovery and ventilation systems
  • Automatic pool cleaning systems
  • Modern pool filtration systems
  • Movable swimming pool floors
  • Automatic heat saving pool covers
  • Old swimming pool refurbishment
  • Mosaic tile design and installation
  • Chemical dosing control systems
  • Swimming pool control panels

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