Company Profile

Projekte Global has joined forces with the major players in the industry forming an experienced team of designers, architects, project managers, installers and specialist suppliers to simplify the design, project management, installation and supply process required for each sports project, irrespective of the size.

Projekte was formed with one objective in mind. That is to simplify the methodology of buying and installing entire sports systems and offering a complete package according to every individual’s budget. As a company, we have successfully created a structure that enables us to offer our customers a holistic approach, end to end turnkey solutions complete with full consultancy, and followed by a strong, reliable after-sales service.
Having the right design, choosing the most suitable materials, engaging experienced installers and ensuring that certification is achieved can prove to be quite a task when building sports facilities and we, at Projekte Global Limited, are the one source of all the expertise required for the design and build of turnkey solutions in sports facilities, from tennis courts to complete stadiums.

Our commitment focuses on paying sharp attention to detail on all our works from start to finish to our client’s satisfaction. We establish partnerships with top worldwide market leaders in order to offer the latest products as well as delivering good quality.

Projekte Global derives its strength from being ahead of the curve by offering innovative turnkey solutions and a holistic approach designed to last and serve for generations to come.