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Our outdoor lighting sector is supported by the most professional products carrying an outstanding reputation for engineering excellence. Our partners are the world leaders in exterior lighting systems, for almost 50 years the company’s lighting technology have lit sports areas, airports, ports, car parks, roads and cities. 

A wide range of outdoor lighting for different fields is available for football pitches, multi-use fields, tracks, golf courses, horse race tracks etc No matter what the sport or the level of competition, experienced lighting engineers prepare a custom design to meet any requirements or specifications.

Benefits are:

• Effective obtrusive light control • Precision aiming for superior results • GORE membrane breather system for optimal performance • Sturdy toughened glass and pressure die-cast bodies for longer outdoor life 

When we design and propose lighting systems, we can guarantee that we will offer the least lighting pollution system whilst offering the best efficiency to the field.

We offer end to end solutions, including a detailed 3D CAD design at planning stage.

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