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Bragmaia® company founded in 2005 and certified by ISO 9001, is a consolidated company that is dedicated to the design and production of urban furniture, playgrounds and sports equipment of the highest quality.

The Games and Recreation Spaces(Children's Parks) are in conformity with the legislation and regulations in force(Decree-Law No. 203/2015 of September 17) and are certified by Accredited Entity for the normative joint of the EN 1176 (Equipment and surfaces for play and recreation areas) and peel EN 1177 (Impact deadening surfaces for play and recreation areas.

Significant investments are constantly being carried out in the research and development phase of new products with optimal performance and functionalities, resulting in a policy of sustainability, in accordance with the standards of quality and demand.

Bragmaia® has become, during the last decade, two of the most renowned manufacturers of urban furniture, playgrounds and sports equipment in Europe, exporting at this time to various parts of the globe through uma vast network of collaborators and direct distributors.

Through its design department, Bragmaia® cooperates with architects, urban planners, engineers, public and private authorities, so that clients always expect excellence in quality, technology and reliability, not ready for sale.

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